Alpha Agility Pole Turf 4 Pk

Alpha Agility Pole Turf 4 Pk

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The ALPHA Gear Turf Base Agility Speed Pole pack comes in a pack of 4 in a neat heavy duty carry bag. Now you can simply carry and transport 4 Agility Poles and 4 Rubber Bases quickly and easily. The ALPHA Gear Speed Poles are a 2 piece pole with middle tread connection. The 2 piece poles are then connected so they remain attached that makes it super-fast to locate and set up. The poles are 5ft High and 25mm hi quality material.

  • 4 Pack of 5Ft Tall 2 Piece Speed and Agility Poles
  • 4 x Rubber Turf Bases
  • 25mm Thick Quality PVC Material
  • Tread Design with Pre-Attached Technology
  • Durable and Inner Lined Carry Bag
  • Comes in High Viability Yellow