Craven Cottage

A stadium designed by the architectural great that is Archibald Leach, Craven Cottage ushers in both a contemporary and traditional side of football. An established club that has found home towards the top tiers of English football for a many a season, it is every sense a club. Perhaps one of the most photogenic we have captured to date, it's regal foundations matched with riverside location is of fairy tale proportions. Beautiful on the eye, heart pounding on the soul.
Like many a stadium from it's generation, it's constructed of four individual stands. Each in one time being home to terraced standing, it is not an all-seater stadium though it's traditional wooden seats remain at large, throughout. Taking you on a journey through time with utter style it's a stadium so cherished in memory, corrugated stature standing strong, that is most notably home to it's brick and mortar character. Sitting sharp equipped with the help of adidas, they are a well dressed side.
An icon unique to Fulham Football Club, the cottage that stands perfectly positioned taking in an acute view of a beautiful pitch it's also home to the changing rooms and some of the club offices including that belonging to the manager. Quirks galore from the media commentary positions to the away dressing rooms being larger than that of the home, it's in every sense a spiritual cathedral of football. Physical size limited, yet still of note (25,700), its presence is of unquestionable scale - a must visit regardless of home or away end. Yes please football. Thanks to the club and adidas for having us.

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